Piscean Reveries – Time to dive into your dreams feet first!

From February 19 to March 20, we are about do jump into our dreams feat first as we come into the sign of Pisces!

This watery sign can really help you to be transported to a dreamscape with ease. Fantasy and your imagination are just busting to get to work! I say work, as Pisces energy by nature tends to be a little unworldly, or at least not very practical. So living in a dream world, when you’re dreaming, means you can delve deep as well as find yourself submerged in a world of fantasy and fun!

Other than being submerged in another world, you may also be confronted by that which you do not want to face in reality – escapist tendencies, secrets to be revealed, seeing yourself in scenarios that are out of character for you, and also being easily led. This can show you just how centred or on the flip side how ungrounded you may be in awakened life. If you are living a lie or are not facing facts in reality, be prepared for some dark content.

It’s also a great time for healing as Piscean energy is rather compassionate and friendly. If someone has hurt you in the past or have challenged your ideals and morals, you may confront this person in your dreams. Probably a way of tackling how you feel about the issue at hand, as much as the person themselves.

Illusions can take you deep and Neptune, Pisces ruler, can exude this energy. You are now more likely to see both sides of a scenario, both player and the one potentially being played. Romance and its regrets, the muse and the music together. Your dreams in other words, can show you both the source, as well as surrounding drama.

How much you find out depends on how deep you go – this is where inner emotional turmoil, guilt, pain or desires that you may have held captive, can turn itself in – or come out of hiding!

At the moment Mercury is in retrograde, so dealing with the past and healing it, is a key theme in dreams and reality!

This months dreams may not seem as direct as last months sharp aquarian energy – see it as a chance to experience creative solutions, possibilities and a way to see how you feel about your life and relationships. The tangents you could go on could be slightly misleading, maybe a bit out of touch. Nonetheless it’s a great time for inspiration and a way to lovingly connect to your emotions.

Questions to ask your self before dreaming:

How else can I look to change this scenario?

What else can I consider doing with this person/in this place/at this event?

How can I better look after myself emotionally?

What needs resolving internally/externally/with this person?

How can I get over my indifferences with person x?

What am I not facing or admitting to myself?

How can I best stay grounded why I work though this scenario?


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