Dreaming of water – the true story featuring your emotions

water3The ocean is a very vast space, and when you dream about anything to do with water, it’s telling you about your emotions. Deep. Being in the water, under the water or wherever you are in relation to it will give you some clues as to how the water, or your emotions, are treating you in reality.

Floating on water would indicate you are ‘on top’ of your emotions. If you start feeling like you cannot stay afloat, it would indicate a general level of anxiety, or inability to keep up with everything.

Being able to breath under water, either naturally or with a device, is indicative of you exploring your emotions fully. Swimming or walking can indicate a real sense of direction in your life; you know how you wish to feel and live. If you are seeing the bubble of air you are blowing out, it’s a good sign of fun and happiness.

Waterfalls, streams and moving water are all showing you that emotions are directional. Are you going with the flow and allowing your emotions to run freely? Or are you pushing against the tide? Going against water means you are fighting with yourself.

Watching the waves of the ocean crash is showing your how you deal with your emotions or conflict. Are the waves crashing against the rocks? If so it means you are probably experiencing some difficult times. Are the waves gently foaming against the sand? It means there is a general sense of calm around you. Tidal waves mean you should really look out for yourself.

If you see clear still water, it means that you are at peace emotionally. Murky water is indicative of confusion. Deep dark waters show there are some deep buried emotions to be explored.

Rain can be heavy and sad or light and refreshing. If a storm is surrounding you, this is a sign of buried or brewing emotions erupting.

Although these explanations are general, you need to look at the who and the where and the what, that is surrounding you in these dreams.

If you’re walking on water, you’re probably doing pretty damn fine! Depending on what is surrounding the circumstances or scene in the dream, this would indicate what area of your life you have mastery over.

If you are drowning or cannot breathe under water, it would show you how overwhelmed you are in waking life. Again, have a look as to what or who was around you in the dream prior to this overwhelming sensation. This will show you where you need some help either airing your grievances, or perhaps just need a little help. It may be something really obvious, or something more subtle.

Emotions are not something to be feared, they are an indication of how things are working for you in your life experience. Don’t mind me, I’m off to sip a cocktail by the poolside and watch the sunset. Note: that was a happy ending.

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