The cure for insomnia – making those pesky voices quiet!

Most of you little dreamers are also part time insomniacs. Insomnia can strike anytime! Insomnia is like running into an anxious yet boring person, for sake of this discussion, lets call her Celia. You have little in common with Celia yet cannot seem to say a polite goodbye. Snore!

Although I cannot be the cure to your awakened mind, below is a technique I use when I get stuck in a conversation with my brain, that quite frankly, I don’t want to have at whatever O’clock in the morning!

Treat your brain like it is treating you. If it’s talking too much, then direct the conversation YOUR way.

How you ask? You must change the topic of conversation by introducing something else.

This does not mean chatting about all you have to get done around the house or the big deadline at work. This is a big no no! Chances are you are already talking about something that monotonous with Celia. She probably is chatting about upgrading her mop bucket.

Revenge is sweet, so it’s  now time for you to bore Celia by directing the conversation so it’s all about YOU and how great your life is and how good you FEEL. So what kind of awesome can you talk about instead?

The trick here is to concentrate on the feeling of gratitude. Not excitement, or joy, or you may wake yourself up. Start by listing things you are grateful for in your life. I’m so grateful for my cat. I’m so grateful for a lovely house to live in. I’m so grateful for sunny days. I’m so… you get it. Focus on the little things, rather than say something like I’m so excited I’m going on a big holiday! Chances are, Celia might pipe up saying she wants to join you or give you last minute travel advice. Heh… Not now. Thanks.

Benefits of focusing on gratitude:

You will fall asleep in a very blissful state. Eventually the words and ideas fade off into happy dreams. Sweet!

Doing exercises like this before you sleep is essentially meditation, but also a great way to focus your mind.

It’s a subtle form of practicing NLP – changing your thoughts and the language within your brain, to change behaviour. If you can put your brain in this happy place before sleeping, think how powerful a tool it could be to chose what thoughts you have?

It means you’ll probably be less likely to bump into the annoying ‘Celia’ Character, or those other b*tches who do nothing but put you down. It’s probably the one that hangs out with that ‘Low Self-Esteem’ character you know! Get where I’m going with this?

If all else fails, get your trackies and shoes on then go for a run. You’ll feel pretty alive at the time and totally knackered after.

Have any of your own techniques? Feel free to share below or on facebook.

Either option will give you an endorphin filled sleep.


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