Virgo vibes – your eye for detail will reframe the bigger picture

Hello fellow dreamers! It may not seem like the best time to be whisked off into other lands now we have entered the more practical Virgo territory.  Virgo’s are Earthy, which means your home life, finances are of importance. The tedious stuff.

Your dreams may hone in on one particular detail or two that on the surface could seem irrelevant – it’s not. As Virgo’s are perfectionists, you will perhaps focus on a seemingly random object or person that seems to have no relevance at all.  You need to have a think about the greater context you would ordinarily see or associate these people or objects – this will give you greater insight as to what is being shown to you. For example you may see a friend called Shelly, from third grade maths class; Shelly isn’t in your life now, but when you worked on times tables together, you topped the class.  This could mean teaming up with a partner or friend to work on finances may be something worth a try. See where I’m going with the example?

Virgo’s are also very philosophical, deep, and sport great analytical skills – it is time to use yours to gain some greater perspective on the minor or neglected areas of your life. If you find yourself in conflict, make sure you look at if it’s really a sign of you being hard on yourself, or being over critical of another. Work out where your real struggles are, it is probably from within, not without. Finding out how to treat yourself or change a habit, may give you pleasing results.

Virgo is the symbol of the virgin, indicating purity of thought and action. Cue, ‘ what you reap is what you sow.’ Use this time to see where you must take responsibility for your life and it’s outcomes.

Family, children and housing will also come up in your dreams this month.Your idea of home and where you feel safe is a real thing to be concerned about. A house will define how you are dealing with certain aspects of your life, and parts of yourself. If you are at an old house, think back to the time of your life you lived there, and what challenges were presented to you at that time.

To find out more about anything to do with rooms and homes in your dreams click here!

Children are often about parts of yourself that need nurturing or rescuing if you are left responsible for them. It’s also asking you to see what you are creating, or need more of in your life! Innocence is another key them surrounding children – are you acting with pure intent?

Virgos are truly hard working and adaptable, use this time to ask about what you can change in your daily life:

Why am I being so hard on myself regarding ???

Why am I having trouble accepting ???

Show me how I can work on ?? problem/task.

Please show me the greater perspective in terms of ???

How can I make this situation/job/project better?

What obstacle/challenge must I really overcome before moving forward?

What aspect of my relationship with my mother/father/sibling/grandparent etc can be improved upon?



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