Buildings and Rooms – what part of your life are you really looking into?

Buildings and rooms serve a purpose; a dedicated space for a specific function. When you dream about any space, buildings and rooms, this is indicative of which areas of yourself you are exploring. Ultimately like a house that can always be improved or renovated, these dreams are showing you where the improvements are needed and what area of your life is in question.

So first of all let’s explore our home:

Bedroom – the place of rest, privacy and intimacy. It is really the place you dive into your unconscious and your urges. If you are invaded in your sleep or the locks aren’t working, it means your privacy is feeling invaded.

Bathroom – is the place of water and cleansing. It is also a place of ‘relieving’ yourself, which again is a sign that you probably feel like you’re emotionally not expressing yourself, or that you can’t clear away emotional or mental stress. It is the place all about the need to ‘let go.’

Lounge room – The place of socializing and rest, an open area. This room would show you how you feel about others in your personal space and just how at ease you feel about your life. Your mood and how many people are in this space is an indication of if you are currently more introverted or extroverted, and how you feel about it.

Kitchen – the place of fire, warmth, creation, sustenance. It is what you are creating for yourself and sharing with others. As the saying goes ‘if you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen’ – if you’re not comfortable in there it is showing you an area of your life that is becoming too much pressure for you.

Balcony – is an extension or place to gain overview of your life. It is the place where you can view yourself and others without the attachment of the rest of your life. This area also carries a bit of prestige and with it slightly less privacy. Do you want to be seen? The state of the balcony will tell you what you want to display to others, or what you fear others think of you.

Attic – is that place ‘up there’ where you hide away things that aren’t normally on display. This means your secrets – the ones you intend to keep hidden as opposed to the ones hidden from you. If the attic is clean, it means your mind and outlook on life is very organised. The more it needs to be sorted, the more you need to clear out physical junk or prevailing bad attitudes affecting your life.

Basement – much like the attic, but what is hidden is far more unconscious than the conscious. If it is messy it means you may feel ungrounded or like your past junk is holding you down. You may also come across old relics or heirlooms here – it is a way of being nostalgic, but also reminding you to get a good grasp of your roots.

Stairs – If you are going up the stairs you are rising above a certain situation, feeling more confident or are becoming more aware of where you stand. Going down the stairs is getting into the depths of a scenario. Perhaps lowering your standards.

Garden – It is indicative of what natural beauty and goodness you are capable of displaying to the world. If the trees are ripe and green it means you are very healthy, happy and willing to share yourself with others. Withering and dying, you need to nurture yourself better!

Courtyard – Is similar to the garden, but can also indicate what ‘order’ you are displaying externally. If the courtyard is well kept, you will appear to be in good spirits and control. A courtyard that is unkempt means that you need to work on your outside appearances.

Fence – this is all about your boundaries in your life, your emotional, physical and mental limitations. If you are admiring or hating what is on the other side, it is a reminder to let down your guard so you can enjoy your life fully. If you are being punished on your side of the fence, it means that you need to work making sure you are not being taken advantage of. If the battle is on the other side of the fence, it is a reminder to keep your guard, or at least know your personal limitations.

Hallway – The hallway marks the journey of your life and self-awareness. If well lit, it means you are moving in the right direction towards enlightenment and self-actualization. If it is dark or you are wondering which door to entre next – it means you still need or desire further knowledge and exploration of yourself.

Door – The doorway is the walking away from the old and into the new. If a door is closed it means you want to move forward or into a new space but feel stuck or locked out. When the door swings open see where you end up, the opportunities are there. At least now you know if you open the door and walk into a room, this is the place in your life you wish to work on or know more about.


For all other Buildings:

Your home is naturally going to be all about you, but how can you work out what the other buildings are about in your dreams?

Church or Temple – your faith and sense of duty

Dentist, Doctors, Hospital or Fire Station – health and safety

Court Room or Police Station – following the law, safety

Café or Restaurant – social spaces, how you feel about your public life


The key to working out what a space means in your dreams:

Think about what the space is used for, this will tell you what area of your life is in question. Who is in the space and how you feel about what you are doing in the space will give you the most insight as to what is really happening in your life.


The key to working out what anything means in your dreams:

If any person, event, space or object doesn’t make sense at first don’t worry. Just like you read above with buildings and rooms, just remember to scratch beneath the surface to think about what is being symbolized by its function and qualities.


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