About Neko

Hello I am Neko and I have been exploring my dreams ever since I could remember. Dreams play such an important part in knowing the self, the world around us and many deeper truths from within and without. My aim is to provide you with as much insight as possible so you can take your subconscious messages and use them to transform your reality into the world of your dreams.

So how did I come to guiding people with their own dreams? My dream journey started a very long time ago…

Neko’s story:

I still have vivid recollections of the dreams I had at age 2, as clear as any other real life memories from that time. The distinction between the two is sometimes blurred, as both life and dreams are both valid experiences.

During high school I would often come out of a dream with my eyes still closed, to find myself viewing my world and room in black and white; just like an old movie. Often I was visited by family members who had passed on, or sometimes by a faceless cloaked being. I call these ‘in-between dreams,’ some may call it lucid dreaming or a hypnagogic state. I found these events far more confronting than the daily teenage girly dramas happening around me. Being armed with my dream dictionary, I was ready to help myself and other make sense of and keep exploring the many possible realms of my own conscious experience.

In early 2004 I had a near brush with death and I still find it unbelievably amazing that I am alive. I believe by exploring these less familiar states through dreams – both common and lucid prior to this event – gave me the courage to take control of the experience and wake up back in my body – after being hit by a passing car.

Only a couple of months after this event, it was quite a blessing that I started my Bachelor in Philosophy and Psychology (graduated in 2006), as it gave me a solid framework to assess my life and this significant event objectively. Having access to material by philosophers like Plato and Socrates, and psychologists like Jung and Freud, as well as an array of neuroscience articles, it really helped me feel grounded in my search for truth and validity of my life experiences.

It was also about this time that I found myself not needing my dream dictionary, and that almost everything in life became an obvious message or symbol. Since then making sense of others dreams has only been too obvious, as if it was just as real as a dream of my own. I’m sure it is the mix of years of practice, combined with my near death experience leading to that place ‘in-between’ that has allowed me to access and share the insights I have, and continue to receive.

Neko now:

Although my experience of dreams and first hand fragility of life have been more vivid than for most, I hope to help you be more involved in your dreams and to take the beauty and power of them into your waking life. I am here to give you the insights and tools I have used and developed to make sense of my dreams and life over the years.

Neko’s certificates:

Bachelor of Arts – Psychology and Philosophy Major (2006)

Certificates 1 + 2 – Usui Reiki   (2009)

Neko’s services:

Dream Readings, Personal Guidance, Card Readings, Reiki Healing, Psychic Counselling, Mixed Medium Readings


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