This is where you will find all the tips and advice you need to help further your own analysis, how you can influence your subconscious to explore possibilities and provide you with answers, as well as discuss astrological factors that can affect the content of your dreams.  Be sure to check the home page regularly to keep up to date with the latest news and articles.

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Astrological calendar effecting your dreams… **to be updated monthly!**

Virgo vibes – let’s get out our eye for detail and focus on the bigger picture from our dreams!

Come dream and play like the lion that is Leo

The Moon is out to get your dream on – deep dreaming under Cancer

Good things come in pairs – Gemini will show you the extremes! 

Bring your dreams closer to earth – let the earthy Taurean energy guide you!

Let your dreams charge on – Aries’ force is running rampant!

Piscean Reveries – Time to dive into your dreams feet first

Inspired Aquarian Dreams – Let the adventures continue

Capricorn Dreaming – Practical themes and the dreams that make you go mmm

Sagittarius Dreaming – How to transform the revealed, and shed what is no longer needed

Dreaming in Scorpio – It’s time to delve deep, to get to root of your emotions and fears. What’s really hiding in your own shadow?

Libra and your Dreams – Communication, repeated themes, balance and peace

The bits and pieces that make up your dreams and how to make sense of them…

The elements in your dreams

How are you getting around in your dreams? What the different modes of transport, and the state that it’s in, mean!


Family Members: what do they mean?

When people you know alive or passed on visit your dreams… Just what is their message?

How people make you feel can make the message of the dream

First in best dreamt – whatever you feel something means first, is often right!

Colours in your dreams

Yourself and your body…

Feet and Shoes – Where are they taking you?

Where’s your hair at?

Your smile is the most important thing your wear – even in your dreams!

Outside the the dream – What to do before you dream…

Stones and crystals to better your dreams

Plant a seed, ask your dreams

Sometimes the Question is more important than the Answer

The cure for the reoccurring nightmare

What to do after you dream…

Keeping an effective dream diary

Figuring out your real life déjà vu’s that are triggered by your dreams

Going beyond the dream dictionary

Unlikely evens manifesting reality – what can it mean?

Lost the Plot?

Foreign beds make for foreign dreams

For the more advanced dreamers…

Intentional Dreaming meets Law of Attraction and Deliberate Intention

Creating coincidence

Lucid Dreaming

You are not the You in your dreams, that you are in reality

Self Help and Motivation…

I’ll help you to get things done on your to do list with a sense of fun and achievement… and make it fun! 

Beyond the chaos – where do I turn after the emotional turmoil?

For anything else…

The world of mirrors

Choosing your focus and practice of faith


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