It’s not just you that needs spiritual or even day to day inspiration. So here is a collection of some of my personal favourite links and pages for you to enjoy also. If you have some thought provoking links you’d like to share, please drop past my facebook page here, or post below. I’m always sharing images, articles and words to inspire others.

I urge everyone to have a look here at – This site deserves a particular special mention as it is where I post monthly feature articles, and also is also the magazine in which Dreaming with Neko is published in their quaterly printed publication! You can find out more about how to get yourself a copy on their website as well as read through a plethora of articles by many talented writers.

www. – The BEST numerology on the internet. Or anywhere. – For amazing monthly summaries for your Zodiac sign. and– Great for astrology updates that affect us all. – also a contributor for Silent Voices. She posts many health tips and advice thats easy to follow! – The beautiful illustrator of Neko on this page! – For simple and hilarious comics to help you cope with the day to day. – A free tool for tracking your feelings to take control of your happiness and life. – An inspirational spiritual advisor and healer. – One of my favourite psychic friends, her readings pack the punch!


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